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We are a Yorkshire based business management consultancy, whose specialism lies in our innovative approach to developing both people and business. Challenging conventional thinking in order to overcome obstacles and implement change that will result in sustainable profit and cash growth across your organisation is what we do. In short, we enable decision makers to engage with their peers to solve business issues and dilemmas.

We understand the unique challenges facing smaller and medium enterprises. As a senior decision-maker, the work-place can be a very lonely environment, and it can be difficult to create the time to find the solutions for YOUR business.

This is where we can help you. We create a safe, confidential environment where you can discuss your concerns with your peers from non-competing industries. Our boards will help you clarify your thinking, find the right answers, and provide you with the help, guidance & advice needed to successfully take your business forward.

Business Advisor Yorkshire

Different Peer Ltd was set up in July 2008 by Neil Jaggar, following the sale of Godfrey Autoparts – a car parts distribution business Neil had built from zero to £5.5m turnover in a 7 year period. In keeping with Neil’s nature to develop business he invited Bhranti to become a part of Different Peer in 2019.

The People:

Neil sums himself up with: From sweeping the shop floor, through Sales, Operations, Marketing, IT, Logistics, Inventory, Finance Director and Commercial Director to Managing Director. From selling automotive components in a small retail shop in Huddersfield to Directing a £40 million pound distribution business employing 350+ staff across 40 UK sites. Starting six companies and successfully exiting four. The other two aren’t for sale – yet!

Neil is a highly successful and profit-driven business leader. He is an unconventional thinker with a wide-ranging skill set, who is passionate about utilising his skills to help business owners through the trials and tribulations of running and growing a business. With a decisive and enthusiastic approach to the key areas of: Financial, Sales, Marketing and Operations Management, Neil thrives on the challenges posed by developing a business and its team to its full potential.

With 40+ years ‘real life’ business experience, Neil has: Directed and held a shareholding in a £40 million pound turn over National CV Parts Distribution business employing more than 300 staff across 40 UK sites; whereby he increased independent trade sales by 20% year on year as well as leading a portfolio of four major product development plans, increasing the relevant product sales between 18% and 76%; he has been head-hunted by the majority shareholder of a distribution company to formulate and implement a restructuring and business plan that would enable the business to once again generate profits, whereby Neil’s ability to provide strategic direction and deliver exceptional results, saw his initial contract extended for a substantial period.

Neil is also a strategic thinker with strong analytical skills and a detailed understanding of commercial risk that enables him to achieve a significant contribution to any organisation. He is a practised relationship and team builder, which allows him to initiate change management over single or multi-site businesses. Neil has recognised mentoring skills and as well as being approachable, sociable and extrovert, he is able to calmly listen, analyse and strategically plan.

Outside of work, Neil is a keen motorcyclist and cricketer, during his time as President of Upper Hopton Cricket Club, he successfully oversaw the raising of Grant Funding in excess of £80K to improve both playing and social facilities. During this ‘social’ time, the club increased the number of junior teams from one to five; increased the number of regular volunteers threefold; and by encouraging junior development from playing to support roles, such as coaching and becoming committee members, Neil helped to fill all management committee seats, created three new required roles and has helped to cement the clubs future through all generations.

You could say Neil is a commercially astute, natural and passionate business leader, who champions business growth and improvement. Through Different Peer and from real-life operational experience, he is able to deliver top-level business consultancy and business turnaround expertise to owners throughout the UK.

Gill is a true Yorkshire lass, apart from a short period living in Blackpool, living all her life in and around the small market town of Brighouse.

A qualified graphic designer, she started out as a Studio Manager for a well-known printing franchise eventually going on to run her own business before concentrating on her greatest gift, that of being a mother.

Once her daughter went to school Gill wanted to get back to work and for a short time became a retail store manager, until eventually finding her niche role as a PA/Executive PA (personal assistant) and has worked in both the private and public sectors for over 20 years’. A keen businesswoman she runs her own virtual business support service, adding value to small and medium sized business as well as individuals.

Passionate about what she does, Gill is and always has been a people person; there to support others with fantastic communication and organisational skills.

In her spare time, she loves walking, gardening, and basking in the Costa Blanca sun with a gin & tonic (not necessarily in that order!).

Peer Group Boards

It can feel isolating and lonely as a decision maker in a business and whilst you can make progress alone, it is so much easier when you have support.

Different Peer Workshops


Break down  and overcome your challenges by working through them methodically and effectively in a managed session.

Getting professional support in your business is one of the wisest things you can do to help you achieve your goals.

“Successful people managers achieve greater results with their team than the individuals would working alone.”

Back To Basics.

Our vast operational experience coupled with our skills in bringing the right people to the Board mean that we are not only a valuable sounding board but no matter how demanding, stressful or out of control a situation may seem, we will enable you to gain control over your business’s immediate needs and its future development by focusing your business on its priorities and by helping you link your team together. 

At Different Peer, we value entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth. We are approachable, non-judgemental, we always operate in the strictest of confidence and above all, we are here to help.

Defined By Reputation.

Focussed and effective advice that delivers results.
Knowledge underpinned by extensive experience.
Straight-talking and honest all the time.


Businesses are like individuals and have their own personalities and challenges. We focus on making a positive difference to all board member businesses. We work from the heart and the only agenda is that set by the board members.

Examples of items we have discussed are:

Business Planning & Strategic Development

Due Diligence

Finance Leadership & Budgetary Control

Turn Around

Profit & Cash Growth

Stakeholder Management

Change Management

Exit Plans


Mergers & Acquisitions

Sales & Marketing


How some board members summarise the experience:

Real Results Enabling Real Success.

0 %
Increase in Sales

Year on year sales growth after the introduction of a new product sales and marketing strategy including the building of a new website for the company.

0 x
Return On Investment
Initial set up and building of automotive parts start up into a profitable business from nothing and rising to £5.5m turnover in 5 years.
£ 0 M
Cost Savings

Successful introduction of new Purchasing Policy generated £1.2m purchase cost savings on £28m spend.

What Our Customers Think.

I found the board to be extremely useful and interesting and have already implemented some of the ideas discussed. Neil is the perfect person to chair the group - he keeps the meetings flowing and gets the best out of people in attendance. He is also great at getting the right people into the room in the first place. Many thanks,
Chris Cox
Made By Bridge
Running your own business can be a lonely affair and you’re most certainly faced with many challenges. It was great to be able to bring those challenges to the Peer Board. On discussing one of my issues with the board I realised that the problem was not really that big and I had a clear idea of what I could do to sort it out. Whether the issue has been big or small, I’ve loved being helped through the thought process to get things ironed out in a non-confrontational and extremely supportive way. I also really enjoy helping others out with their business problems. A problem shared is a problem halved.
Tracy Carpenter
Mint HR
Just to reiterate what I said at the end of the meeting – it was great, energising, open and honest – everything I hoped for and more. You’ve done a great job pulling the right people together and chairing the meeting – many thanks.
Nigel Greenwood
Simply Customer

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